Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunset Foot Spa - Food Worthy Bliss

I write a food blog because few things in this world make me as happy as good food and saving money. But there is something else that compares: getting a massage and saving money! So I just had to write and tell you all about Sunset Foot Spa.

My friend J and I decided to go on Friday night. I'd read about the place awhile ago and had been meaning to try it forever. Having now experienced it, I can't believe I didn't go YEARS before!! For a mere $25 you get an hour long massage. That's right $25!!

The place looks like a modified pedicure salon, lined with large recliners draped in towels. The walls are a soothing yellow and everyone speaks in quiet voices. The whole thing has a cheap zen sort of feel.

You start seated on an ottoman in front of your recliner. The men then drape your shoulders with a towel and give you a twenty minute neck. shoulder, and back massage. Their hands are strong and it's a pretty deep massage. Obviously, it's not quite as luxuriously flowing as a massage on your bare skin with oil would be, but it's definitely enjoyable.

Then you move into the recliner. They lean your seat back and give you a brief head and face massage while your feet soak in a tub of warm water. Following that, they spend the next forty or so minutes working mostly on your feet (with some work on the calves and thighs thrown in for good measure).

While receiving your massage, you can study the acupressure chart that shows how the different parts of your feet correspond to different parts of the body. Fascinating.

J and I arrived thinking that we'd be chatting away the whole time, but the whole thing was so soothing that we mostly just stayed in our own blissed out worlds. The only interaction came when they got to the "thyroid" portion of our feet, which was somehow very ticklish for both of us - oh those crazy thyroids!

This place would be the perfect respite after spending a night in too high heels or a crazy workout (or really any time you have $25 to spend!). And there were little Chinese candies - so I even got some dining done on this deal!

Sunset Foot Spa is located at:
5419 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Check their website for the other services they offer. I had called to make a reservation, but the woman didn't even take down my name, so I don't think it was altogether necessary.


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  1. I don't think little candies entail dining...

  2. Sounds like a totally delightful way to spend an hour & a mere $25. Would love to book an appt. next time I'm in LA.

  3. Ah yes, my only complaint was that there was no soap in the bathroom. But I am hoping that was because they JUST ran out and were on the way to the market to get some :)

  4. Cyn - what are you, anti-candy? Crazy:)
    Sus - you should def. check this place out, it's remarkable.
    DC - LOL! We can tell ourselves that:)

  5. Heehee! I giggled out loud when I read 'oh those crazy thyroids'. LOL!